Bar Bingo – The New Rage In Wisconsin

Bar Bingo – The New Rage In Wisconsin

It’s FREE TO PLAY and you can win stuff including Jackpots up to $1,500! What is it? It’s BINGO….but not your grandma’s old bing0…’s a new modern take on the old game played in bars filled with fun, prizes, and even sociables (where players drink socially on certain numbers called). The main player in Wisconsin behind this is FREE JACKPOT BINGO, a company that started roughly about 1.5 years ago and are currently in more than six counties in Wisconsin. Player’s just have to show up ready to have fun….bingo cards, daubers, and prizes are provided!

*See another bar offering Bingo?  IT IS ILLEGAL TO CHARGE CUSTOMERS TO PLAY BINGO IN THE STATE OF WISCONSIN WITHOUT A GAMING LICENSE! You cannot charge admission, you can not charge for extra bingo cards, you cannot even require a purchase of food or drink to be able to play!

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