“First Day of Practice”

“First Day of Practice”
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"First Day of Practice"

"First Day of Practice"

Riverside Middle School, - Watertown, - WI,


Date(s) - 08/02/2021
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm






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Registration Information

Welcome to the 2021 Season, registration is OPEN!

Welcome again to the existing families and new families that are interested in participating in Watertown Youth Football for the 2021 season.  We are a tackle football program that works with the Watertown High School coaches to build fundamentally sound football players that are prepared as they transition from youth football to their Freshman year in High School.

Registration will be open until March 31st to ensure we can provide our team commitments to the league by their April 7th deadline.  Registrations after this date are on a first come first served basis until the teams we have committed to are full.

This year we will again offer 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams.  We will have partnered with the Park and Rec department on an expanded Flag Program that covers 4th, 5th and 6th grade options.

We have raised the player fee for this season at $250 to cover expenses to the program for player registration fee processing and to be able to provide a quality mouth guard to each participant.  In addition there is the $250 volunteer/equipment deposit required for each family.  This fee is refundable at the end of the season provided you have completed at least 5 volunteer hours and have returned all equipment that was issued to your player.

If you register by March 31st, we will include a WYF Player Pack (T-shirt and Shorts) as part of the registration.  We will gather the player size information once registration closes.

There are three payment options for the 2021 registration session:

Option 1: Pay in full at time of registration.  When you complete the registration, selecting the pay in full option will charge your payment method for $500 to cover the $250 registration fee plus the $250 volunteer/equipment deposit.

Option 2: Pay in installments.  Selecting this option will break the registration fee into 6 payments that will be processed against your payment method selected with the first payment coming at the time of registration and then on the 15th of each month starting in March.  The $250 volunteer/equipment deposit will also be processed as part of the payment schedule.  Then on the 15th of February, March, April, May, June and July a payment will be processed to complete your registration payments.  You can at any time go into the system and make your payments ahead of time, otherwise it will be processed automatically on the 15th of each month.

Option 3: Pay offline.  If you select the offline payment method, you will need to still complete the registration process online, but will submit your payment of $500 directly to our Treasurer (Rhiannon Stivarius).

If you have put down a deposit, please contact Rhiannon Stivarius (WYF Treasurer) to get a code to apply at checkout to ensure you are not charged again for the deposit.  These are one-time codes so do not share them with anyone or they will get your discount.

If you have any questions about the registration process or about the program, please use the contacts page on the Website to contact one of the board members.

Thanks in advance,

WYF Board


Physical examination taken April 1 and thereafter is valid for the following two school years; physical examination taken before April 1 is valid only for remainder of that school year and following school year.

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