Just before HALLOWEEN: The AMAZING Kreskin! / Wisconsin Dells WI

Just before HALLOWEEN: The AMAZING Kreskin! / Wisconsin Dells WI
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Just before HALLOWEEN: The AMAZING Kreskin! / Wisconsin Dells WI

Just before HALLOWEEN: The AMAZING Kreskin! / Wisconsin Dells WI

THE PALACE THEATER - Wisconsin Dells - Wisconsin


Date(s) - 10/29/2021
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm






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Just in time for Halloween, it the Godfather of Mentalism: The AMAZING Kreskin! 

Friday, October 29, 2021 at 1pm!

Previously purchased tickets will be honored for this show.

The “world’s greatest mentalist” for more than 60 years, tells his audience things about themselves that “only they” could possibly know. In fact the longer the Amazing Kreskin is on stage the more thoughts he picks up from his audience!

With a showman’s flair, a comedian’s wit, and the capacities of a bona fide Mentalist or thought reader, The Amazing Kreskin has, for six decades, dramatized the unique facets of the human mind…his own. His very name has become an integral part of pop culture throughout the world.

During the past fifty years Kreskin has had a television series, his own board game by Milton Bradley, twenty published books, and a major motion picture inspired by his work.

In the 1970’s Kreskin headlined his own television series for five and a half seasons called, ‘The Amazing World of Kreskin’which can now be viewed on www.hulu.com.  The airline industry estimates that Kreskin has flown over 3 million miles, to reach a vast international audience with his unique brand of Mentalism.

To reveal his remarkable diversity, John Romero, a leading gaming authority quotes in his book, ‘Las Vegas The Untold Story’ “Kreskin is the most dangerous person in the world with a deck of cards. The casinos would rather deal to Willie Sutton”.

Through the years Kreskin has received worldwide recognition for extraordinary predictions, often dealing with international affairs, and sports.  On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Kreskin predicted the 2012 United States Presidential Election, 18 months before Election Day.  As revealed on Fox television for the 2016 Super Bowl, Kreskin made three predictions.  He foresaw the deciding quarter of the gamethe winning team, and their final score.

In March 2016 Kreskin released his 20thbook entitled, “In Real Time”featuring his major predictions for the next several hundred years.  The day after Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency, Fox Television News revealed that Kreskin predicted Trumps election 11 months ahead of time, Live on December 9th, 2015 on FOX 5 Good Day DC Show in Washington, D.C.

Kreskin now offers the sum of 1 Million dollars to anyone who can prove that he employs paid secret assistants, or confederates, or utilizes hidden, secret, electronic devices to accomplish his mental presentations.

At 83 years of age, Kreskin shows no signs of slowing down.  He continues to perform his legendary live shows in front of packed audiences around the world, playing over 200+ dates yearly.

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